EKOply new formats

EKOply introduces two new formats: 1220mm x 1220mm and 1220mm x 480 mm. The new format is an offer for those seeking the products easier to transport and giving greater possibilities of completing the shopping cart depending on your actual needs. Finally, new formats can bring significant savings to the buyer because it means that the amount of waste is significantly reduced.


EKOply wins another segment of the market - fencing of construction sites in city centres, where office buildings are constructed which is associated with certification of projects for "sustainable buildings". EKOply as a product 100% made in recycling technology is highly appreciated in a certification system similar to BREEAM and LEED - known in Poland.

Why EKOply?

The modern world is looking for solutions to most effectively preserve the natural environment as intact as possible for future generations. Recycling technology is an important component of the broader struggle for the quality of life of our children and ourselves. EKOply gives you the option of entering into an image conscious man for whom forest degradation is a significant factor in the destruction of the environment in which you live.