Our sheets are used in many sectors of the economy, for example in the furniture industry, construction, agriculture and other sectors of production. EKOply sheets can be used as:

  • alternative to plywood - they are durable, lighter than standard plywood, resistant to weather conditions;
  • furniture surfaces, such as table tops, great alternative to MDF or plywood;
  • floors, for example in trucks as protection for a metal floor and noise reduction;
  • in gardens: houses, fences, kennels, simple furniture and toolboxes;
  • for security: protection against wind and rain, on construction sites, concerts, festivals and other events.



Furniture and interior

EKOply can also be used inside home or office. They can be used to produce both stylish furniture and sanitation systems.


Hoardings and fences
EKOply sheets are very light, rigid, resistant to graffiti produced in different colours. The sheets in this technology do not rot, do not rust, nor require any special preparation for graphics applications and are 100% recyclable.


Furniture and garden structures
Ideal for use in wet areas outside such as composters, crates, flower pots and garden furniture.

Why EKOply?

The modern world is looking for solutions to most effectively preserve the natural environment as intact as possible for future generations. Recycling technology is an important component of the broader struggle for the quality of life of our children and ourselves. EKOply gives you the option of entering into an image conscious man for whom forest degradation is a significant factor in the destruction of the environment in which you live.